foaming agent|hydrofluoric acid|fluorinated refrigerant|ods substitute products|fluoride salt-pg电子官方

 foaming agent|hydrofluoric acid|fluorinated refrigerant|ods substitute products|fluoride salt-pg电子官方
zhejiang sanmei chemical,ltd.

founded in 2001, zhejiang sanmei chemical,ltd. is in huchu industrial zone (wuyi county new materials industrial park), which is known as the city of hot springs and the holy place for health preservation. it is a professional research and development, production, and sales of fluorine chemical products joint-stock private enterprises. on april 2, 2019, the company was listed on the a-share main board of the shanghai stock exchange (stock code: 603379).

the company mainly has two series of products: organic fluorine and inorganic fluorine. the main products are anhydrous hydrogen fluoride; refrigerants r134a, r125, r32, r22, r142b, r143a, mixed refrigerant series; foaming agent r141b, etc. currently, the production and sales of the company's main products are in the forefront of the country. the products are sold to six continents in the world, with customers in more than 100 countries and regions.

the company has passed iso9001, iatf16949 quality management system certification, iso14001 environmental management system certification, iso45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, iso50001 energy management system certification, db33/t944 zhejiang manufacturing management system certification, automotive aftermarket product certification and audit acceptance of "zhejiang cleaner production enterprise", which is a safety standardization enterprise. to improve the level of safety management, the company has been promoting the dupont safety management project since 2012, introducing the concept of advanced safety management, and striving to realize the transformation of employees' safety concept and safety behavior from supervision management to self-management.

the company is one of the top 500 chinese petroleum and chemical enterprises, the top 100 basic chemical raw material manufacturing enterprises in china, the top ten industrial enterprises in jinhua, the top ten enterprises in the open economy, and the first batch of "three famous" cultivation enterprises in jinhua, wuyi's largest industrial enterprise, has been ranked first among the largest taxpayers in wuyi for more than ten years. the company has successively won the china petroleum and chemical outstanding private enterprise, china quality integrity enterprise, zhejiang aaa-level tax credit unit, zhejiang province contract-honoring and credit-reliable unit, zhejiang province integrity enterprise, zhejiang province labor security integrity enterprise, zhejiang province advanced energy conservation unit, jinhua city integrity management demonstration unit, jinhua city model worker collective, and other honorary titles. the company has a provincial-level technology center, more than 40 invention patents, and a number of r&d products that have won the zhejiang provincial science and technology progress award, the zhejiang provincial science and technology achievement registration certificate, the jiangsu provincial science and technology progress award, and the wuyi county science and technology progress award, which are also 10 the main drafting unit of more than one national (industry) standard and zhejiang manufacturing group standard.

the goal of sanmei's development is to become the world's leading supplier of fluorine products. it will always insist on the sustainable development strategy, focus on talent training, continue to work intensively, develop and innovate in the fluorine chemical industry, increase investment in safety, environmental protection, and product research and development, and is committed to building an international a first-class manufacturer of fluorine-containing refrigerants and blowing agents, providing the market with green and low-carbon products with rich varieties and excellent performance. relying on the advantages of the fluorine chemical industry, it is committed to the research and development, and production of fluorine-containing high-purity electronic chemicals and provides stable and reliable key materials for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. increase fluorine-containing lithium battery materials, fluorine-containing high-performance polymers, and other new energy fields the investment in r&d and production of new materials continuously extends and enriches the industrial chain of fluorine-containing products and strives to build a global enterprise in the fluorine chemical industry and create a safer and greener environment.